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Trump my ass

In 2016 Donald Trump, a sexist, homophobic and racist man, became president of the United States of America. To show Donald Trump what we think about his opinions we gave the people the opportunity to take a shit on him – or at least on some of his tweets and programmes – by recycling them into toilet paper for your daily use.


JvM/Spree 2017

181017_Trump__0005_Ebenenkomposition 6.j
181017_Trump__0001_Ebenenkomposition 2.j
181017_Trump__0002_Ebenenkomposition 3.j
181017_Trump__0003_Ebenenkomposition 4.j
181017_Trump__0005_Ebenenkomposition 8.j
181017_Trump__0005_Ebenenkomposition 7.j
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